Thursday, November 20, 2014

Olympians Are Proud Of Their Tattoos

Since the summer Olympics are going on right now in Beijing I thought it would be appropriate to write about tattoos and the Olympics. Also Ive just started getting into the Olympics and I have noticed a little pattern myself. You might be scratching your head at this point because you are not sure what tattoos and the Olympics have in common. Well the truth be told that a lot of Olympians actually have their tattoo location planned out a head of time, to ensure that their tattoo will be shown off to the world.

For instance a lot of Olympians will get tattoos of the Olympic rings tattooed somewhere on their body that will be seen and noticed depending on the sport they are competing in. Take Wrestlers for instance, they have been known to put Olympic ring tattoos or some other tattoo on the inside of their arms. The reason behind this is so, when the arm is lifted following a victory, it can be seen. Swimmers on the other hand like to get tattoos on their backs so they can be seen when they are in the water. Or take the archery competitors, they have thought this one out even more so than the others. They will get tattoos on the outside of their right arm. The reason behind this is when the archers are in shooting position, the camera catches the tattoos perfectly.

 Another pattern that I have noticed while watching the Olympics is whenever an Olympian has a tattoo and it is noticeable the announcers. They will talk about the tattoo and share the story behind it and what it means to that particular athlete. So it just goes to show that these athletes are not only proud of the sport they are competing in but they are proud of their tattoos as well. Find various topic on Google Plus, Facebook Fanspage and Twitter.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tattoo Charity

When you think of charities you probably don't even think about tattoos in the same sentence. Well I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to find out that this one tattoo parlor in Phoenix was holding a A 15-hour long fundraiser for Phoenix Children's Hospital. A 30 minute session with one of the tattoo artists from Living Canvas Tattoos cost only $15! You honesty can not beat that price when an average 30 minute session would probably start at around $60 and up depending on the tattoo artist.

 This charity event was a birthday celebration for the tattoo studio. They were celebrating 15 years of services so they thought 15 years with $15 tattoos for 15 hours would be a great event. The owner of the tattoo studio said, -There are so many charities, how do you go wrong with kids?-. Which I think is fantastic. It just goes to show that even tough man covered in tattoos that probably lead not so normal life style still have a huge heart for children and charities. The Owner Mark Walters, knew this event would more than likely be a huge hit and expected the rough bikers dudes to show as well as the average soccer mom because the money was going to such a good cause. However, Mark did state that any tattoo design will be accepted as long as it fell into the 30 minute session if not the $15 would not apply.

 I truly think this whole concept is wonderful. I wish more tattoo studios would do things like this. It benefits not only tattoo enthusiasts but it also goes to a great cause! So listen up tattoo studio owners think real hard about following in Living Canvas Tattoos footsteps. The satisfaction of doing something great for someone else far out ways any dollar amount you could earn from given a tattoo. Find various topic on Google Plus, Facebook Fanspage and Twitter.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Types of Tatoo Removal For Those Considering Tatoo Removal

Once upon a time tattoos were reserved for bikers and motorcycle owners who wanted to show their allegiance to one gang in particular. Now it appears as though every college coed from New York City to Los Angeles is sporting a tattoo. While it seems like a good idea now, in five years or ten years it might not seem like such a good idea. For those people tattoo removal might just become a reality. There are a number of ways in which tattoo removal works.

There are some ideas that have been around for years, while others are just beginning to gain prominence. Each of the tattoo removal options will be painful, and some claim that it is just as painful as getting the tattoo itself. This is because the tattoo reaches down into several layers of skin, and each of these layers must be removed. The different procedures must reach into each layer of skin to fully remove the tattoo. The first type of tattoo removal involves the use of lasers. Laser tattoo removal is the most popular form available today. It has been around since the 1980's, but its popularity has only grown in recent years.

There are even offices that exist only to use this type of laser technology. With this type of tattoo removal, a low level laser is pointed directly at the skin. The pulsating laser then slowly sloughs off the tattoo until it disappears completely. This may take several sessions spread out over several weeks or even months. If the tattoo is larger it may take even more time for the process to work. Another type of tattoo removal is dermabraison. Many people know this procedure as a cosmetic procedure that takes away layers of dead skin to make the skin look younger and more healthy. As a form of tattoo removal, it works in much the same way. A numbing salve or cream is applied directly to the skin in the location of the tattoo.

A small machine that looks similar to a small sanding belt is then rubbed against the skin. This slowly breaks up the ink of the tattoo and sands off the layers of skin where the tattoo was. In some cases the doctor may freeze the skin first before doing this tattoo removal procedure. One of the more extreme forms of tattoo removal is known as excision. With this procedure the tattoo is literally cut off the skin. The skin is then sewn back in place and allowed to heal. This only works with very small tattoos, and in people with very elastic skin. Tattoo removal can easily be found by looking in the phone book or online. The cost of such procedures depends on the colors used in the tattoo, the size of the tattoo, and sometimes the location of the tattoo. The person who handles the removal process can offer more information as well as an exact cost of the procedure.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Different Styles Of Bull Tattoo

Bull tattoos are symbolic of masculinity as far as the Samoans are concerned. Samoa's rich history and cultural diversity has ensured that the art of tattooing, first introduced more than two thousand years ago in Samoa, has burgeoned into a global movement! Tatau, the Samoan word for tattoo, portrays correctness and workmanlike traits. These two traits have led to the concept of tattoos being masculine, and bull tattoos, more so! Apart of its rich cultural magnificence, why should one give attention to the various vagaries of the Samoans? And what do they have to do with the concept of bull tattoos?

 Did you know that one of the most famous wrestlers of our times, Dwayne Johnson alias The Rock, is a Samoan who can trace his ancestry back to the Polynesian island of Samoa? The Rock has single-handedly raised awareness of the bull tattoo, with his impressively built body sporting the Rock Brahma Bull Tattoo. Any questions about his masculinity? The bull tattoo is an image of a wild bull head with wild and stabbing red eyes, etched in ink on his right arm.

 The Bull, being the symbol of the sun sign Taurus, thus holds a double meaning for The Rock, who is also a Taurus. Also, the Brahma bull is said to be the elite in bulls, weighting in at approximately one ton, and one of the most ferocious bulls ever. Thus, The Rock's Brahma bull tattoo symbolizes his drive to be the best in the world of Wrestling! Whilst the bull tattoo on the upper right arm of The Rock portrays his strength, dominating nature and affinity for danger and violence, his upper left arm "puamana" tattoo shows the other, more reserved side of him; the gentle side that shows his love for his family and background.

 One of the biggest factors that makes Dwayne Johnson stand out from the rest of the crowd is The Rock Brahma Bull Tattoo, which shows his diligence, ambition and power to be the best that he can be. This is seen in his acting as well as his extreme devotion to be not only physically powerful, but also psychologically in tune with his roots and family.

 So if you're looking to prove your power and your masculinity, go ahead and get The Rock Brahma Tattoo! If you're looking for something that's not quite as big and impressive but conveys the same meaning, explore the different tattoo designs on our site. You'll definitely find one of your choice, and it may just be a bull tattoo!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Text Tattoos Becoming More Popular

To be frank I didn't really think about text tattoos as they call them being all that popular. But once I sat back and started thinking about it, I started to realize that a lot of famous people do have some sort of text tattoo on their body. In case you are wondering what a text tattoo is, it is some sort of writing that one has tattooed on them. A lot of tattoo artist say that they are getting more and more request from clients to have some sort of saying, quote, name, poem or other kind of writing tattooed on them. Also note that even if the tattoo is not in English it is still considered a text tattoo.

 Let's think about this for a minute. Can you name I don't know 5 or 10 celebrities that have text tattoos off the top of your head? I bet I can. Let's see, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson, Heidi Klum, Travis Barker, Eva Longoria Parker, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, Rihanna and the list goes on and on. So this just goes to show that text tattoos are very popular with famous people so I'm sure they are as equally popular with us regular folk. In case you were wondering most of these celebrities do have sayings tattooed on them in different languages, but none the less it is still considered text because it translates into words.

 So if you have been thinking about getting some sort of text tattoo, don't worry you are not the only one out there that will be displaying one. Just make sure that it is something unique and means something special to you. Don't just get something random tattooed on you.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tattoo My Brain - Tribal Sleeve Tattoos

For those who have grown fond of having a tattoo, having just a few just seems not enough. For this reason tribal sleeve tattoos are often done by individuals who want to show how they love having a tattoo. For them, this is the ultimate expression of how they really feel about the love for the art of tattoos.

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A sleeve tattoo is often a collection of various designs that are made to somehow connect to each other. On the other hand, tribal sleeve tattoos comprise mainly of long tribal designs that cover up the arms and the shoulders. But there have been versions of sleeve tattoos that is comprised of various tribal designs. The result is a colorful and intricately designed sleeve tattoo, and thus the reason of its ever growing popularity.

One of the most popular designs that is often incorporated in sleeve tribal tattoos are nature motifs and various animal designs. Tiger heads, eagles, snakes, and other aggressive animals are the most common. There are also mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns that are incorporated in some designs. There are also designs that suggest spiritual aspects and religion. A persons belief or interest may be represented by crosses, zodiac and yin-yang signs and added to the tribal design. Such additions personalize the sleeve tribal tattoo even more making it stand out and be different from the rest.

Because sleeve tattoos cover a large part of the skin, there are limitless possibilities of how your tattoo would come out. The fact is, there is very little chance, or there may never be, that there would be two tattoo sleeve designs that would be the same. You need to remember though that you would need to invest a lot of patience and dedication, and not to mention money if you ever decided to get one done on your arm.

Try to find designs that you like and bring them to an artist to create a sleeve design for you. Having tribal sleeve tattoos is a serious matter, even for a tattoo enthusiast. Just be sure about your designs and your sleeve tattoo will come out just fine.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Unwanted Tattoo - Quick Tips To Fade A Tattoo

The argument for Chemical vs. Natural methods have been around for some time and so has the question of which one is better and now they have spread to which one is better on how to fade a tattoo. Whether the love that you thought that would last forever with your ex partner ends just after you get their name inked on you or whether you got yourself an embarrassing tattoo when you were young, drunk or even recently then this is surely you are asking yourself. To make it easier for you below I will cover the debate between chemical and natural methods and let you pick for yourself!

 Chemical Methods
 These are the methods of using chemically created products to treat a problem or in this case to get rid of a tattoo. The benefits of chemical options are that they are highly effective as research has been put into these options to make sure that they work for their chosen purpose. The disadvantage of chemical techniques is that sometimes they may not work on some people for different reasons and another being the side-effects that come with the chemicals. Rashes, scarring and other reactions may happen thanks to using a chemical product so make sure that you consult a doctor before you go forward with this method.

 An example of a chemical method to remove tattoos is chemical peel. This is something that you apply to your tatted skin and a controlled burn occurs on this part of the skin. Your skin soon peels (taking off some ink) and scabs over with fresh ink. You will have to go through with this procedure over various sessions to remove the full tattoo depending on the size of it.

 As mentioned there are side-effects and with chemical peel the main side-effect is slight scarring to the skin as it has to peel and scab over with new and fresh skin. Another side-effect is the chance of getting an allergic reaction to the chemical (which does happen). Once again it is best to talk to a doctor before you go onto using the medication.

 Natural Methods
 Many people dont know this but there are in fact options you can use on how to fade a tattoo. Natural options should be the first choice when looking to treat something because they are natural methods meaning no side-effects and little to no pain at all during the whole process of it!

Zodiac Tattoo Designs - Libra Tattoo Ideas

Librans love to be with people. They love to socialize and share their ideas with others. You fit into this very well. People look to you to bring a balanced view to a discussion or argument as you have the ability to mediate differing viewpoints without offending those involved. You can stand back and assess a situation at arm's lenght

 Libra Tattoo Designs

 The planet Venus rules Libra, which means the soft feminine side is dominant. The Zodiac sign is set of scales, representing your evenhanded temperament. Libra your softer, sensitive side can be shown by using colorful and decorative tattoos. The image of the scales can be drawn with colourful backgrounds or with objects worked with them. Sometimes the scales are depicted being held by a figure, as in the Justice figure, and the figure itself can be an expression of your personality. The Libra symbol is the setting sun, which is also an equals sign. The image of the sun or the sun's rays are easily incorporated into a design. As Venus is the planet of love, hearts are often drawn as part of the design. Some tattoos include all three - the heart, the scales and the setting sun. As you can see there are a number of Libra tattoo ideas you can use for your design.

 Libra Celtic Tattoo Ideas

 Libra is the only inanimate sign in the Zodiac. While Celtic designs often include the image of animals interwoven in the knotwork, the heart and setting sun work very well. These designs provide a spiritual connection to the Celtic people's worship of the sun, moon and stars. All things in nature and the universe were sacred to them. They used the artwork of the never-ending knotwork designs to express their connection to the universe, eternity and the cycle of life and death.

 Libra Tribal Tattoo Ideas

 A set of scales drawn boldly in the tribal style could represent your strong sense of justice - part of a Libran's character trait. As a Libran, you hate injustice and you do not think violence is a way of solving issues. There are many tribal Libra tattoo designs, from a simple drawing of the scales to an elaborate stylised drawing. Other tattoo designs use the softer feminine side of those ruled by Venus with the strong lines of tribal drawings.

 There are many varied Libra tattoo ideas to choose from. You will be able to use your Libran skill of being able to stand back and evaluate the one that best expresses your uniqueness.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tatoo design help

Stop Searching! Let us help you find your DREAM tattoo today! TattooDesignHelp provides you with the largest selection of award winning tattoo designs. Search through our database to find hundreds of tattoo designs. Search our design database Top of Form 1 Black & White Full Color Small Medium Large Adult Bottom of Form 1 Why our designs are the best Browse over 30 categories of tattoo designs! All Tattoo Designs Categorized By Type! Save And Print Out the Best Designs! Find Yourself A Totally Original Tattoo! Increase Your own self-Confidence! Become the center of Attention! Tattoo design help provides you with thousands of award winning tattoo designs that you can browse from the comfort of your home. Here you will find designs that will be happy with for the rest of your life. Members are able to browse through our Huge Database of designs from one central location. We guarantee to have more designs to choose from than any tattoo parlor, and our database keeps on growing !. We have displayed our designs to make it easy to find what you are looking for. When you have found the right tattoo design you can download or print the image and take it to your tattoo artist.  Copyright 2011

 Web Design by

 Stop Searching! Let us help you find your DREAM tattoo today! TattooDesignHelp provides you with the largest selection of award winning tattoo designs. Search through our database to find hundreds of tattoo designs. Search our design database Top of Form 1 Black & White Full Color Small Medium Large Adult Bottom of Form 1 Why our designs are the best Browse over 30 categories of tattoo designs! All Tattoo Designs Categorized By Type! Save And Print Out the Best Designs! Find Yourself A Totally Original Tattoo! Increase Your own self-Confidence! Become the center of Attention! Tattoo design help provides you with thousands of award winning tattoo designs that you can browse from the comfort of your home. Here you will find designs that will be happy with for the rest of your life. Members are able to browse through our Huge Database of designs from one central location. We guarantee to have more designs to choose from than any tattoo parlor, and our database keeps on growing !. We have displayed our designs to make it easy to find what you are looking for. When you have found the right tattoo design you can download or print the image and take it to your tattoo artist.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tattoo Ink Sets Helps In Creating Flamboyant Tattoo Designs

Our bodies are canvases of self-expression; we swathe them in fabrics, embellish them with jewelry, as well as color our faces, and we even make eternal modifications to our skin via piercings and body art. Lately, tattooing has become an extremely assorted art form with an even more sundry audience, and an ever-increasing number of people are sacking the last lingering tattoo taboos to lay their bodies out as campaigns for the tattooist's needles and Tattoo Inks.

 Tattooing is becoming more and more admirable and more and more people are aspirant to become tattoo artists. With loads of tattoo shops, you need to be more imaginative and create class tattoos that are noticeable, astonish clients, and get them talking about you to their friends. Using good quality tattoo ink is vital to craft a vibrant and lifelong tattoo. Now Tattoo Ink Sets are commercially accessible, which aid you create spectacular designs that will get noticed amid your clients and will grow your business.

 There are millions of diverse variations of colors, all stalking from Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Greens, Blues, Indigos and Violets that you are used to seeing on a color wheel. In 2011 Tattoo Pigment colors maintain to proceed with hundreds of differences. White Tattoo Ink is the best pigment as these go well for tattooing darker skin, doing highlights, and merging darker colors to lighten them up. These ink tattoos are becoming well-liked all over, because they are much unique than the traditional tattoos. Those who are cognizant about the visible bold tattoo designs opt for these pale white lines. White tattoos are heading towards making a new drift. White Ink Tattoos can be with you for your entire life, if taken good care of. People are considering these tattoos as special and self messaging tattoos and therefore, they desire them to be inked on their body. In the modern years, white tattoos have achieved reputation amid the trend setters. Drawing it in an appropriate design and mold can really highlight its uniqueness strongly. Thus, get a White Tattoo Ink now and cherish the experience of tattooing.

 Besides this, the people willing to have a light colored tattoo on their body have another choice also. They can as well opt for Yellow Tattoo Ink if you among those who want something unique and want to be noticeable among others. It looks elegant around purple designs and also with green shades. High quality Yellow Ink is trouble-free to work into the skin and it heals to a soft sleek cease. You can use it fluently to craft even complex design, as it goes in easy without doing much into the skin. So, you can choose a Tattoo Ink according to your preference and choice.

 But keep in mind to buy a quality Tattoo Ink Set from a reputed retailer so as to get the best and also because it does not fade fast, so your artwork will continue to make impression for a long period of time.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Top Tattoo Mistakes

It is quit apparent that some people do not make the best decisions when it comes to picking out a tattoo design. This is why a tattoo should not be an impulse buy and you should actually give it a lot of thought. Well wouldnt be great if you had your own little tattoo artist or expert to talk to about what are the top tattoo mistakes that people make? Well you are in luck! Kat Von D and her crew at LA Ink have composed a list of the top five tattoo mistakes that people make. Hopefully, you can take what they say to heart and dont end up having a tattoo mistake your self.

 1. Be careful not to get something too small or where it doesnt fit that part of the body well.

 For instance getting a tiny tattoo in a bigger part of your body. But do not go overboard with the size either.

 2. Good tattoos arent cheap and cheap tattoos arent good. Far too many times, people choose an artist based on price. That should be the last priority on your list when it comes to getting a tattoo.

 Dont look for a bargain!

 This is the best piece of advise out there. You honestly get what you pay for.

 3. Dont be overly romantic. Sorry, that tattoo is going to out last most relationships much as I hate to say it.

 I dont think lovers names are a good thing.

 This is another invaluable tip that everyone should pay close attention to. Getting a tattoo of a lovers name often jinxes your relationship. So be careful.

 4. Try not to be arbitrary or impulsive you might regret getting Taz flipping the bird and drinking a beer later.

 Remember that tattoo you got maybe cool when you are young but as you age it may be more embarrassing.

 5. Biggest mistake being drunk.

 Being drunk leads to the other mistakes on the list.

 This is another great tip. You should not have any alcohol in your system when getting tattooed. It can cause the tattoo to come out bad due to the fact that you will bleed more.

 Take these 5 great tips from LA Ink to heart when thinking about getting a tattoo and you should have no regrets later on down the road.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Get a Unique Lifetime Superman tattoo Design

Superman tattoo designs famous logo, which is a red S surrounded by a red diamond and against a yellow background, makes for a great tattoo. Arts & Design Superman Tattoo Pics superman logo tattoo superman pics superman tatoo pics superman tattoo superman tattoo styles superman tattoo pics superman tattoo picture superman tattoos tatoo pics tatoo superman tattoo of superman logo tribal superman logo mrtattooguy Recommends. Large Superman tattoo styles would look ill-fitted in your ankle, basically since there's not enough area to hold it there.


 Superman is these days extensively regarded as to become each one in the most well-known and well-known comic guide superheroes of all time, and an American cultural icon. Superman SymbolThis lens is devoted to Superman and his incredible S-shield, the logo, the Superma. Superman, also called the 'Man of Steel' could be the legendary comic guide superhero who initial appeared in issues of DC Comics, while captivating a nation with his sheer dedication and can to serve and protect. Here are some suggestions on how to get tattoo pics and transform them around in order that they will become your personal exclusive Superman designs.


 What I'd recommend is stick to the fundamental logo, and then head about here to obtain some inspiration with other designs. Once you search at these Superman Tattoo Pics, get note of how they customized the logo or Superman to their very own taste. The common Superman logo graphics using the bold S is quite cool and who Wouldn't know what it stands for. Even though you never watched any with the Superman films or picked up any in the Super Heroes comic books, the Superman logo is nearly as recognizable as the American Flag. My Superman Logo Tattoo is located just previously mentioned my proper bicep and iti s about 4x4 square inches in dimension. You'll want to leave the unique shades of Superman's suit, cape and logo intact, but it is possible to play using the rest from the photo.


 A substantial flying picture of Superman would seem excellent inside a part of your body where there's adequate skin to accommodate the figure. Some females even want his counterpart, Superwoman, to get a much more feminine outlook but still retaining the effective picture of the superhero. One more approach to consist of layout for your title will be to layout the letters or contain a fantastic background or maybe a brilliant image with it.

 Superman tattoo styles consist of emblem, temporary, and logo tattoosSuperman tattoo styles feature a special logo which can be placed anywhere in your physique that you'd like -- the upper arm and also the back are well-known locations. In case you are interested then you definitely will likely be my support and very good luckblack hand superman tattoo designswomen hand superman tattoo designsunique superman tattoo designssymbol superman tattoo designs on handsmall superman tattoo designssimple superman tattoo designshand superman tattoo designstribal superman tattoo styles available Depart a Comment :photography, small superman tattoo, superman tattoo, superman tattoo designs, symbol superman tattoo, tattoo layout, tribal superman tattoo more. superman tattoo designs are well-liked as temporary tattoos at the same time.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Importance Of Carefully Choosing Tribal Armband Tattoos

The number of people choosing to get tribal armband tattoos are increasing every day. Perhaps a reason why this is a good place to put a tattoo is because it can easily be seen by people. But there are still several more reasons why this spot is preferred by many people. For the people who are getting a tattoo the first time, it is one way they can experiment since they are afraid to get their first tattoo on their other body parts. One of the hardest parts first timers have to do is to decide which tattoo design they want and which body part they want to have it inked on.

 For this reason, many people make use of search engines to look for tattoo designs. And usually, the first image they can find which appeals to them is the one they choose. But this is not a good trait which you must follow. This is because there are still so many other designs which might be a whole lot better than the one you have found. Aside from websites, you can also check out forums and books so that you could look for the perfect tattoo. The designs posted have been done by professional tattoo artists and are both the newest and original.

 If you are a first timer in getting a tattoo, you must avoid the common mistake that people do. This is especially true if you are getting an armband tattoo. You must always let the design cover the arm all the way through. This is because tattoos which are half armbands do not look good. Also, you must always leave out some space on the upper and lower armband. The reason for this is because you will never know what the new designs will be and you might decide to use some of these new designs to add to your current armband tattoo to make it look more awesome.

 In addition, if you have chosen a very intricate and complicated tattoo design, you must pick out a tattoo artist that specializes in doing tribal designs. Since these tattoos can be somewhat complicated, there is certainly no room for error, especially since the medium being used is your own skin. Once the above mentioned common mistakes are avoided and you have chosen a design patiently and carefully, you can be guaranteed that you will get the best results for your chosen tattoo which you will enjoy for a very long time. For this reason, you can enjoy your tribal armband tattoos throughout your whole life.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tattoos with piercing

Excision tattoo removal functions effectively on modest to medium sized photographs, and most companies do assure total removing.

The Surgical Excision Approach not only works on bigger illustrations or photos, but is really geared in direction of modest and medium patterns. This type of removing does contain removing of skin the place the true ink or dye was utilised throughout the original development of the style and design. In quite a few scenarios the technician will set in stitching close to the edges to propagate therapeutic. Though this sounds complicated it is really not. In reality it is relatively uncomplicated and the patient ought to be aware of this. These procedures are generally completed in medical clinics by certified medical professionals and surgeons.

What about bacterial infections? Of course, to protect against bacterial infections the client will consider antibiotics prior to the surgery. This guards the overall body following removal. If this seems like it's heading to harm, relaxation confident that while there will be some pain, nothing at all in comparison to when the genuine graphic was put on the physique, as regional anesthesia is used on the location to uninteresting the soreness. Try this site for good ear piercing places.

The skin of the tattoo is then cutaway the epidermis and the dermis are removed in what is regarded as a "Complete Thickness Removing." The surgeon then stitches the pores and skin closed with exclusive sutures, which enables it to recover and leaves a small scar.

Elimination by excision is normally utilized primarily on tiny photos mainly because it demands considerably less pores and skin elimination and can be concluded in one session.

The greater the graphic, the a lot more classes a affected person may need to have to fully eliminate almost everything. Relying on the sizing, the wound may possibly consider up to a handful of months to entirely mend. If it is specially large, the surgeon might require to conduct a skin graft to help the wound mend. This method provides to the ache of the tattoo removing and lengthens the healing process.

Excision tattoo removing is desired above some other removing strategies since it normally benefits in smaller sized scars. It really is also less painful than some other techniques and is an Outpatient course of action, avoiding hospitalization.

The method is also not as distressing as other individuals because of the nearby anesthetic. The charge is also a lot decrease than other strategies all over $one hundred fifty-$350, relying on the place you have the technique carried out, the clinic, and the sizing of the style and design. Also, if the tattoo is considerably further than usual, a deeper minimize have to be created to get rid of the ink and these deep cuts obviously take lengthier to recover.

The price of your tat removal may well also turn out to be far more high priced than one more elimination approach if the tattoo is particularly substantial. Once more, excision removing is best for extremely little tattoos.

Sufferers need to keep away from smoking, drinking, or extreme actual physical action before and following the technique to quicken the healing method. Excision tattoo elimination is just cutting out the graphic and stitching the pores and skin again together.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tattoo Redo

Getting a tattoo can be a great experience if you do it properly, but not thinking things through and just getting ink for the heck of it is not the best idea. If you truly want a tattoo you need to do your research like you would with anything and tattoos are no different. I for one being a tattooed person love to encourage non-tattooed people to go out and get inked, if it is something that they truly want to do. I also find great pleasure in being able to educate them on tattooing and things you should be concerned about.

 First and foremost DO NOT get inked if you have been drinking. The rule of thumb is not to have any alcohol or drugs in your system when getting tattooed. The reason being it can alter the tattoos appearance and drinking thins your blood which means you will bleed more. Secondly, the sun is not your friend when it comes to getting fresh ink. You must stay out of the sun until your tattoo has fully healed, which usually is about two weeks. Also be 150% sure you want the tattoo design you have picked out. Another huge tip that people tend not to follow is go small. Trust me you don't want to end up like me and 8 years later after getting a tattoo feel it is way too big.

 If you have always wanted to get a tattoo for whatever reason. I say what better time than now! Muster up some courage and go to your local tattoo studio and get that ink you have always wanted. But please take the few suggestions above to heart. You honestly have to live with this tattoo decision for the rest of your life.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tattoo Fever Review - Is it What You're Looking For

Finding a tattoo isn't tricky but receiving the right one particular is. What would it be like obtaining a tattoo that you simply believed was wonderful at 1st but soon regretted it? That may be just incorrect. Doing a conclusion without having doing the analysis can be an enormous, major mistake.

Try out to keep an open brain whenever you start out searching for that aspiration tattoo. Think of every one of the possibilities not just several favorites. How quite a few categories and alternatives such as shade and sizing, have you not however considered? It is where Tattoo Fever can definitely enable.

 Tattoo Fever is 1 of the net's most preferred and biggest selection downloads. For any 1 time fee you immediately obtain through 14,000 designs. This is often saved onto your laptop to browse and review at your leisure. With this a single big source there's no should squander hours planning from internet site to site, searching for designs.

 Designs are by a number of expert artists. This suggests you may view artwork from entire load of different sources each having a different model.

 Testimonials and opinions from precise Tattoo Fever end users state which the image measurement is substantially more substantial than most tattoo gallery web-sites or downloads. This means you may get a superb take a look at the detail. As soon as you discovered a design you like, the print selection lets you print to maintain or to choose in your artist to put together inked.

 The collection obtain also includes half-dozen bonus tattoo ebooks. The primary, "Tribal Tattoos" contains 1100 tribal designs in 24 tribal types. "Tattoos Unlimited" is an ebook which has a thousand groups of black and white designs in A4 dimensions. Other bonus ebooks contain "Acquired Ink", "Chinese language Names", "The Art of Tattoo" (design and style info) and "Dragon Fever" (a guide of 220 dragon designs).

 For your price tag of the dvd this can be a fairly beneficial benefit package deal. No other tattoo design collection delivers a great number of original, excellent designs for nearly anything like this cost. Furthermore, unlike most tattoo membership websites, there may be just 1 repayment then the entire assortment is yours to keep for very good.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

How To Prepare Your Body For A Tattoo

There are a few little things everyone should know before they walk into a tattoo parlor and get inked. First thing is first you need to be 110% sure of the tattoo design you have picked out. Dont rush this decision, you will be living with it for the rest of your life. Absolutely do not walk in and just pick something off the wall you WILL regret it if you do. Another very important decision that needs to be made is which tattoo shop you decided to get inked at. Visit tattoo shops in your area and talk to the artist or just ask people you know who have tats and find out who did theres. Thats how I found my tattoo shop. One of my college friends had several very nice tattoos and I asked where he got them done at and thats how I choose my tattoo artist.

 There are a few little things that you should do before you get inked that will help the healing process and there are a few things that you should stay away from as well. The best thing you can do for your self is start taking Vitamin C and Zinc to help boost your immune system. Also you can make sure the area you want your tat is moisturized and the skin is healthy. Absolutely DO NOT drink any alcohol 72 hours before you are going to get inked. Alcohol thins your blood. So that means when you are getting tattooed you will bleed heavily and this makes the tattoo artists job even more difficult to do clean work. Also if you have a little cold or some sort of virus or are just feeling under the weather DO NOT get a tattoo wait until you have gotten better.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tattoo Parlours

Tattoo parlours, how to tatto & the essential 3 steps to choosing Your Tattoo Parlour...

 Once you have made the decision to get a tattoo youll need to find a qualified tattoo parlour. This is a very important decision, as it can easily make or break your tattoo. Before you decide on a tattoo artist or tattoo parlour, you must first see if they are qualified. There are hundreds of thousands of tattoo parlours out there, some better than others. If you go to a less than perfect tattoo parlour, you could very well end up with an infection that can cause you much aggravation with your new tattoo.

 When you look for the best parlour you should always make sure the parlour is renowned for keeping their equipment clean. Clean equipment and a clean studio is without a doubt the most important consideration when dealing with tattoos. If the artist isnt licensed or not a professional there will be little to no guarantee that the equipment is clean. Health is a big concern with tattoos for most people, and for good reason. If you are looking to get a tattoo you should always make sure that the artists are licensed, the parlour is clean and the equipment is sanitized and cleaned after each and every tattoo.

 Most tattoo parlours are very friendly and open to your ideas as to what tattoos you want. Although the more experienced tattoo artists will offer their opinions, they shouldn't try to push you around too much, after all, its YOUR tattoo! If a tattoo artist thinks there will be a problem with your design or if he thinks he can do anything to improve it, he will more than likely work with you to improve your tattoo to get it just right.

 Before you finally decide on a tattoo parlour to do your tattoo, you should always compare what's available to you in both your local and regional area. The higher quality tattoo parlours such as the famous Miami ink tattoo shop or the London ink tattoo parlour will of course charge higher prices. This is to be expected, as the higher quality studios cost more to pay their artists and keep their parlour nice and clean and keep their name as a premium tattoo parlour. These parlours are among the best in the world, with sparkling floors and a clean interior. The tattoo artists here ensure that their rooms are clean, with most wiping down their equipment and materials every chance they get, not to mention some of the most talented tattoo artists.

 You can find a list of reputable tattoo parlours in your local and regional area at  . lets you search tattoo parlours and find trusted tattoo artists and studios in your local area, youll also find thousands of tattoo designs in over 40 categories where you can bookmark your favourite designs and come back to them anytime. The members area also lets you ask tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts for advice and feedback on tattoo parlours, tattoo designs and how to tatto.

 Here are 3 steps to finding the right tattoo parlour for your next tattoo:

 1: Start doing your research online for tattoo designs and tattoo parlours in your area using something like  Try to do as much research as possible and not rush your decision, remember your tattoo is for life so be sure to pick something that wont haunt you years down the line.

 2: Print your tattoo design out and book an appointment at your chosen tattoo parlour to have a sit down to discuss your tattoo design.

 3: Ask the tattoo parlour how long it will take, how much it will cost and to have your tattoo done and check that the artist is licensed and uses clean equipment for every tattoo.

 And that's it! The tattoo parlour will either book you a session in the next week or do it right there on the spot, it just depends on the size of the tattoo and the tattoo parlours schedule. Try not to worry about the pain too much as it really doesn't hurt as much as people put on...that much.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How To Care For Your Tattoo

Now that you have gotten your long awaited tattoo you need to know how to properly care for it to ensure that the tattoo will remain as good as it did the day you got it. The first and probably the most important thing you have got to remember and try your hardest from not doing is scratching it. Trust me your tattoo is going to itch like a mother and all you will want to do is scratch it. Well you cant, if you do it will make the scab came off. You need to let the scab fall off on its on, otherwise you will have little white dots all over you tattoo where the ink came off. Your tattoo usually starts to scab up within the first couple of days of getting your tat, this is normal and it means your tattoo has started the healing process.

 You need to make sure to put your neosprine on your tattoo at least twice a day until the scab has completely fallen off. Also you will want to keep your tattoo moisturized to help the skin remain healthy. Also a big big care tip that you need to remember is whenever you are out in the sun and your tattoo is exposed you need to make sure to have sunscreen on it. The higher the SPF the better. This not only helps protect your skin from getting skin cancer but it helps your tattoo from fading as much. Also please keep in mind that your tattoos color will fad over time and you may have to go back and get touch ups. But if you put lotion on your tat and make sure you put sunscreen on it, it will prolong the fading process.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Get Your Unique Life Time Celtic Tattoo Design

Celtic tattoo design is another popular creation that can be spotted on othersCeltic tattoo designs are a creative and unique way to express yourself. Real Celtic tattoo designs can challenge even the most experienced tattoo artist;as a result some less experienced tattoo artists claim that their simpler are Celtic designs, when in fac they are not. Celtic tattoo designs could make a individual statement, a pact. Seeking to acquire an infiniti celtic tattoo design that may get mad props and be a conversation piece for everyone who engages you.


 Celtic Tribal Tattoo Styles really are a sophisticated area of interest; it assists to speak with people that possess a passion for this kind of tattoos. Celtic love knots are oftentimes tough to translate possibly their meanings could possibly be looked for with only a deeper degree. Some Celtic tattoos integrate other elements within the layout by itself, for example Celtic butterflies, Celtic hearts, and Celtic crosses. Exploring Celtic symbols, meanings and motifs in the Past to produce styles all set for use as Celtic Tattoo styles, computer Art, fonts and Celtic Wedding Invitations. While in the final decade in the 20th century this beautiful Celtic art is no longer found just within the monasteries.


 Designs from historical stone and metal work are much more most likely to be from your exact same time time period as Celtic tattooing. Style Safety: Why are there scrolling bars while in the preview and text covering the styles. An example of one in the Celtic knot band designs as included while in the bundle The Celtic Knot Font is excellent for designing your own tattoo. Produce your personal tattoo designs with all the Celtic Knot Font, as quickly as typing. This sort of design and style represents a shirt sleeve that is made up of tattoos fairly than cloth.


 Tribal tattoo artwork is often thick, sharp and twisty. Celtic Tribal Tattoo Styles really are a sophisticated niche; it aids to speak with people who have a passion for this sort of tattoos. One of the most commonly seen kind of tribal tatto design includes thick sharp edges that move around the a part of the body like really thick rose thorns. Understand why obtaining the correct type of tattoo layout is so important Understand the big difference among zodiac tattoos, celtic tattoos and tribal tattoos and what all of them meanLearn why obtaining the right type of tattoo design is so important.


 Exploring Celtic symbols, meanings and motifs of the Past to create styles ready for use as Celtic Tattoo styles, personal computer Artwork, fonts and Celtic Wedding Invitations. People that indulge within the current fashion developments oftencreate the symbols on their own. In NorthAmerica, men and women of Celticdescent wear these symbols to highlight their lineage and descent. Through the numerous rose designs of noble houses of Europe, for the symbols of therapeutic and emotion they evoke these days, floral motifs have already been popular permanently. Monks brought Christianity to Britain and adopted the historical style of Celtic artwork for use with all the symbols of Christianity. You see, as Celtic people developed over time they developed these symbols as Celtic crosses and artwork, however the designs and also the factors behind them have been handed down through the many years without a clear published record.

 Celtic hearts are also named as enjoy knot tattoos which have grown to be common in Celtic tattoo design. Most Celtic tattoo styles come from Ireland, exactly where the evidence of Celtic historical past is quite strong indeed. Celtic tattoo designs produce a vision that you'll carry permanently.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Celebrity Tattoos Johnny Depp

Well you all know what today is. Its Wednesday so that means its time for another edition of celebrity tattoos. This week I decided to go with Johnny Depp. I have had a crush on his since the 21 Jump Street Days and the man seems to get better looking the older he gets. Not to mention that Johnny just nailed the top position of being the highest paid actor in Hollywood right now. Johnny is earning $50 million a picture now. Well if you are a fan of Johnny Depp you know that he has quit a bit of tattoos.

 Johnny has 14 known tattoos to date. The most famous of those 14 is probably the Wino Forver tattoo he has on his arm. Which used to read Winona Forvever. He also has a Cherokee Indian Chief in full headdress below the Wino Forever tattoo on his arm. This one is to remember his ancestral cultural heritage.

 Johnny also has several tattoos that pertain to his family. He has Lily Rose his daughters name tattooed over his heart. He has his sons name Jack tattooed his forearm with a Sparrow flying over water above that one. He also has a tattoo of Betty Sue which is his mother in the middle of a heart on his bicep. Above that there is some sort of triangle tattoo. He also has the symbol for The Brave a movie he did tattooed on the inside of his forearm.

 Johnny also has some random tattoos on his body. Like the three rectangles on his right index finger and the number three between his thumb and index finger on his left hand. Johnny also has a skull and cross bones tattoo on his lower right leg that reads death is certain and some sort of symbol or something on his right ankle.

 Johnny explains the reasoning behind all of his tattoos and why he has so many:

 My body is a journal in a way. Its like what sailors used to do, where every tattoo meant something, a specific time in your life when you make a mark on yourself, whether you do it yourself with a knife or with a professional tattoo artist.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Career Benefits of Tattoo Removal

Getting a tattoo used to be permanent. There was no hope for getting your pristine skin back to normal if you weren't happy with a tattoo years down the road, but a cover up could sometimes at least hide the unwanted ink behind yet another tattoo. Today, there are options involving laser tattoo removal. This article will offer some practical tips and benefits to having a tattoo removed, and help you decide on the best place to have it done should you make that choice.

 One of life's biggest regrets can be a bad tattoo. A tattoo can be bad for several reasons, including your own poor judgement or a lack of skill on the part of the tattoo artist. Fortunately, modern laser skin treatments can help. If you have a tattoo in an area that can't be easily covered by clothing, this can be a detriment to your career in some industries. A friend of mine applied for a job installing ADT security and was turned down, partly because of some menacing looking tattoos that extended onto the backs of his hands. Needless to say, when someone is having a home security system installed, the last thing he or she wants to notice about the installation provider is any sign that he might be affiliated with criminals or a gang -- and unfortunately, many tattoos give that impression. Getting rid of bad tattoos can be a real investment in your professional life.

 When a tattoo is inked, large particles of pigment are injected into your skin. They consist of thousands of dots of ink that all merge together to form an image, and they are designed to stay dark and visible for as long as possible. Getting a tattoo removed by laser involves pummeling the skin with blasts of special light that break up the larger pigmented areas into tiny particles that can be absorbed by the body over time. It can take up to 5 treatments to get rid of most or all of the ink, and depending on the size and color of the tattoo to be removed, can be costly.

 When you choose where to have your laser tattoo removal done, seek out a professional parlor that is supervised by a licensed medical practitioner in the state you're in. This will insure that the person operating the laser knows what he or she is doing, and minimizes the chances of your tattoo not being treated properly or failing to fade. Some tattoo parlors also remove tattoos, but there are spas and dermatologists who also offer the service as a clinical procedure. Dermatologists tend to charge a lot more, however, and may not be as knowledgeable about tattoos as a tattoo artist.

 Have you ever had a tattoo removed? If so, tell us about your experience. Leave your comments below.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Tattoo Guide

Lots of people get a tattoo on impulse without thinking the process through. That is not always a good idea for something so permanent. Tattoos are excellent expressions of special times in your life or special people. Just think it through and decide if the sentiment for today is one that you honestly want to carry around for a lifetime.

 Custom tattoos are probably more expensive than stock tattoos available at your local tattoo parlor. Your artist will need to spend time on the creation or I should say recreation of your design. Not every design that comes into the parlor is feasible. Your artist will take the spirit of your art piece and turn it into something that will be aesthetically pleasing for your body. Adding to the price of your custom tattoo will be the time your artist spends developing. Your artist will also spend more time with doing the actual tattoo because it is probably not something they have done before. Simple designs or stock designs found in your tattoo parlor will be applied quicker and will take your artist less time to create. Simple is cheaper. Custom may tell your story better.

 Your next step is to decide whether you want color or black with intense shading. Color is going to be more costly because your artist will need to change equipment more often to add the colors. It will also take more time to complete. Color does make your tattoo one of a kind. The variety of colors to choose from will make your tattoo stand out from the crowd. On the other hand black and shaded tattoos can also hold their own. Black and shaded tattoos can be very classic in appearance. A black and shaded tattoo can be very distinct because of the high contrast between natural skin color and the black ink.

 Your next decision is to select your real estate. Where on your body will your tattoo be placed. You need to decide whether this tattoo is supposed to be visible for the public or just for you. You must decide if your lifestyle will fit with public placement of your tattoo. Careers and family perceptions of your tattoo can seriously affect your life. You are free to place that tattoo where you choose. The freedom of choice is definitely up to you but you must decide if you can live with the perceptions from others.

 Tattoos placed in areas where the skin is just going to hurt more than in areas where there is more muscle or fat. Decide on your pain tolerance level before you start the process. Your artist may be able to deliver a few small skin tests to determine if your pain tolerance for that particular location is acceptable. Areas with thinner skin include ankles, head, chest and lower back. Areas where pain may not be as intense include arms, legs, shoulders and your rear end.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Designing Your Own Tattoo

Permanent tattoos are ink that has been injected into a layer of the skin to alter its pigment or color. The most common use for tattoos is artistic expression but there are other uses too. Such as: Self-expression, Advertising, Art, Religion, Identification and more.

 No matter what your reasons are for getting a tattoo, deciding on a design can be a difficult choice.

 There are hundreds of themes and thousands of designs out there to choose from. You might draw inspiration from something you see or an event that takes place in your life to help you come up with your own design. When trying to come up with a design or mark to get tattooed, a great idea is to keep a scrapbook or notebook with ideas, sketches and designs that you come across or think of and work from there. A permanent tattoo is just what it says: permanent. So when youve worked out what you think you would like for a permanent tattoo, its always to best to try before you buy, so to speak!

 One good way to do this is to try a temporary one first. You can use DIY temporary tattoo paper to print the designs you like and test them out on your own skin to see how they look. You might also like to test how the tattoo will look on different parts of your body. This can be really helpful! In reality, what you originally thought would look good on one part may in actual fact look better somewhere else on the body. So, the only real way to know for sure is to test it out. And the best way to get a good representation of a permanent tattoo is with a fake one.

 You can buy DIY temporary tattoo paper online and its also available at some stationary/office supply stores.

 Temporary transfers are made of ink and glue and last approximately 3-7 days or until removed. You can make a temporary tattoo last longer by avoiding rubbing and keeping it free from water as much as possible. While they are waterproof, water will wear down the tattoo faster.

 To remove the transfer sheet simply apply baby oil to the skin and wipe it off. Most tattoos are quite safe, but its best to check the ingredients to make sure youre not allergic to any of the inks or ingredients being used.

 Some of those who get a permanent tattoo then get hooked on it and dont stop at just one. It can be a quite addictive. My recommendation is to test them out first and avoid any later regrets from rushing in. All the best on your tattooing adventure and good luck!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Celebrity Tattoos Rihanna

Rihanna is a huge tattoo lover. She loves tattoos so much that she has a total of twelve and she also enjoys spending her free time just hanging out in tattoo studios. Although the Barbados born beauty has twelve tattoos you probably haven't even noticed half of them, half of them are very small and in unnoticeable places.

 Heres a list of her twelve tattoo:

 1. A music note on her ankle.
 2. The Pisces sign behind her right ear
 3. A star in her left ear
 4. Sanskrit prayer going down her hip
 5. The word love on her left middle finger
 6. A patch of star dust on the back of her neck
 7. [she turned #6 into] a trail of stars going down her back
 8. The phrase shhh on her right index finger
 9. The date 11-4-1986 on top of her left shoulder
 10. A skull on the back of her left ankle
 11. Freedom in God written in Arabic on her left side
 12. A tribal design on her right hand and wrist that represents strength and love

 Rihanna loves to talk about her tattoos and loves to explain what they mean. She sat down with The View in Las Vegas and talked to them about her latest tattoo.

 They're Roman numerals. Me and my best friend got the same thing. Its her DOB (date of birth) and she has mine.

 I like hanging out in tattoo shops. When I am in New York, after all the photo shoots and performances, when I should be resting, sometimes I get dressed and go to the tattoo parlors in SoHo and hang out. I am so intrigued by tattoos. Its an entire culture, and I study it. Sometimes I go with friends or just by myself. I get bum-rushed, but I don't care. I don't take security.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Peace Sign Tattoos Their Meaning In A Modern World

Arising in the 1960s the peace sign symbolized passivity, world peace in general, a peaceful outlook and more specifically peace in Vietnam. As more and more people have chosen to show their leanings with tattoos, todays peace sign tattoos stand for much more.

 You will be hard pressed to find a symbol more recognized than the peace symbol. It was designed on February 21, 1958, by Gerald Holtom, who was an artist in Britain. It was first used for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). Many do not know that he used naval semaphores as the basis for his design. (The semaphore is a signaling system where flags are held in each hand in different positions. Each position of the arms and hands indicate a different letter or number. The two letters N for Nuclear and D for Disarmament were used in the symbol to represent peace. The N is formed by holding two flags down in an upside down V, and the letter D is formed by holding one flag pointed straight up and the other pointed straight down. It was first used in 1958 during a Easter weekend anti-nuclear march.

 A peace symbol tattoo can stand for many things including serenity, harmony, tranquility, freedom, non-violence, silence, calmness, hope, victory, pacifism, respect, justice and goodwill. For some it represents art. For others it is simply another popular tattoo choice, like cross tattoos or star tattoos. As such artful designs they may not mean anything on a grander scale to most. Like heart tattoos that say Mom and the like, they can merely be iconic tattoos for those who only want to get inked.

 But for others, in fact, for most, their tattoo designs are very personal.

 Peace sign tattoos have a broader scope of typical meanings than the peace sign jewelry, clothing and necklace designs so frequently marketed by the man (corporate America).

 Though we dont tend to acknowledge our troops as we did in WWI and WWII, our young men and women are still serving in the armed forces overseas. Tattoos are a way for them to announce their views in a more permanent fashion, either commemorating those who died in service, or their desire for peaceful times and to be home.

 The GLBT community are partial to rainbow peace sign designs. Presumably because it symbolizes peace for their community.

 For others it represents, oddly enough, a rebellion of sorts, and as such, the opposite of peace. Those who still espouse the drug scene, the rebellious music popularized in the 60s and the counter culture mentality.

 It can stand for peace with oneself or with ones family, as well as larger organizations; all derivations on the original hippie meaning.

 Peace signs can be found most anywhere on the body. Some of the most popular include peace sign tattoos on feet, arms, shoulders and the hip. For some reason foot tattoos are very popular. I suppose it is because the peace symbols fit so well near or on the ankle.

 If you are looking for unique tattoo ideas for peace tattoos you can look at celebrity designs, pictures in magazines, Myspace layouts or pics in search engines or at Miami Ink, a popular tattoo parlor.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Forget The Rings Get A Tattoo

I want to make it clear I am not endorsing you to get a tattoo on your ring finger instead of a wedding band. But a lot of people feel this is much more romantic blah blah blah. But I'm sure they won't be feeling that way when they get divorced. For instance Pamela Anderson got Tommy tattooed on her ring finger when they got married because she doesn't believe in rings. Well after they got divorced she got Tommy turned into Mommy.

 Also there has been a big stink about Beyonce and Jay-Z not acknowledging that they were married and for the fact that we all know they got married and they still refuse to wear wedding bands. Well Beyonce opened up to Essence Magazine about this very matter.

 She said the reason why she doesn't wear an engagement ring.

 -People put too much emphasis on that. It's just material and it's just silly to me.-

 However, Essence claims that Beyonce wears a band over a tattooed number 4. The reason behind the tattoo is that her and Jay-Z were both born on the forth day of the month and that they got married on April 4, 2013.

 This is all fine and dandy and I want everyone to know that I do believe in marriage and I am happily married myself. But heaven forbid something were to happen and my husband and I were to get divorce. I would hate to have a tattoo of him on my body. Believe me I have thought about it. But I'm scared that the tattoo jinx will get me if I do. Honestly, this decision is up to you and you only. If you want to celebrate your love with a tattoo than by all means do so. Just do me a favor and think twice about it before you actaully get inked.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Men-4 Awesome Ideas

Half sleeve tattoo designs for men are tremendous rise in popularity in the past few years because they are an amazing path to produce a living work or to tell a story. Halfsleevetattoodesignscan helpyou reach yourgoals to a best selection for your next tattoo.

 There are a lot of choices, but in this article you will find some great ideas for tattoo design for men, that will hopefully guide you in the proper direction and cultivate you about the best options accessible.

 1. Japanese Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

 Tattoo artwork and Japanese designs hasbeenaround all the time. There aremultipleJapanesehalf sleeve tattoo designs for men like CherryBlossomTattoo and tattoosKoiFish. Koi sleeve tattoos symbolize courage, determination, good luck, wisdom, strength and freedom.

 Usage of light colors for this design can make the tattoo look wonderful.A samurai, a big hanya mask or even a dragon are also good ideas for half sleeves tattoos.

 Get Your Dream Tattoo Here!

 2. Tribal Half Sleeve Tattoos

 One of the most popular option are the tribal half sleeve tattoo designs for men.Their flowing lines and symmetrical forms signify that they look awesome when wrapped all over your shoulder.

 The range of choices that are open to you are wide and endless.You can select certain designs creature like a scorpion, a dragon or even a wolf. You can create an image just with this simple type of tattoo in plain black ink. You can create an awesome contrast when you maintain the tribal tattoo black and use color on your arm.

 3. Celtic Tattoo Designs

 Sleeve tattoos having a celtic design and celtic tattoos are mysterious and complicated and have a religious association, but they are a mixture of druid and Christian acceptances.

 Adding Celtic Symbols to a sleeve tattoo adds a drop of culture to any piece of work. There arearangeofvarioussymbolsyou canusetosendthe meaning you want.

 Get Your Dream Tattoo Here!

 4. Dragon Tattoos

 Dragons are a symbol of emotion and wild fire. As time passed, dragon tattoo designs have increasingly popular to all tattoo enthusiasts.The attraction to these types of tattoos is the mysticism and unknown compilation of origins on the creature itself. Often, japans and chinese people believed that dragon is the one that gives protection and luck to a person.

 Many people have dragon tattoos already or want one, no matter the reason.If you want one, there is a ton of designs in history books and online or just about anywhere.

 If you want to find that perfect half sleeve tattoo designs for men a visit to this Tattoo Gallery Website is the best decision you could ever make. There you will find tons of great quality printable tattoo designs by some of the world's top tattoo artists.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Brief History Of Tattooing

In many civilizations across the world, tattooing the body by means of inserting ink into the layers of skin on the body has had much cultural significance. Nearly every civilization has practiced some form of body tattooing. For some a tattoo might be a symbol of some type of cultural meaning. For some it may represent status or wealth, for others it may have religious significance, and for others it may be purely decorative or represent some personal meaning, such as a declaration of love. Whatever the purpose, tattooing has a long history among every culture and has become an art form requiring skill and experience.

 The earliest known documented cases of a tattoo on bodies were originally found on several female Egyptian mummies, which dated back to around c. 2000 B.C. However, the discovery of the "Ice Man" in 1991, a mummy found near the Italian-Austrian border, pushed that date back to about 3000 B.C. This mummy had tattoos on his lower back, right knee, and ankle joints, suggesting that they had been done for therapeutic purposes in areas with painful joints.

 In ancient Egypt, tattooing seemed to be an exclusive female practice. At first dismissed as a possible sign of promiscuity or low character, scientists now believe that perhaps the tattoos found on female Egyptian mummies had a different meaning altogether. Because some of the mummies were found in tombs associated with royalty, the initial belief changed. It is now hypothesized that they were, in fact, symbols of protection for women enduring childbirth.

 Perhaps the most significant civilization to practice that art of tattoo is the Polynesian culture. In fact, the word "tattoo" comes from the Tahitian word "tautau," a word that was introduced to the Western World after the explorations of Captain James Cook in Polynesia. When early explorers discovered the Pacific Islands, they were amazed by the painted skin of the natives and also the techniques used to apply these tattoos. For thousands of years to the present time, Polynesian cultures, specifically Samoans, have used the same tattooing technique of applying by hand. In Polynesian cultures, tattoos had very special significance, usually symbols of status or coming-of-age.

 Though the methods have changed, decorating the body through the insertion of ink into the skin layers has remained a thriving art form. To some the meaning is still cultural but most modern tattooing is usually done for personal meaning or for decoration as one of the oldest thriving art forms in the world.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Meanings

The Japanese dragon is one of the most popular mythological creatures picked for inking and a classic choice for a tattoo design. It is usually depicted as a wingless, heavily-scaled snake-like creature with small clawed legs and a horned or antlered camel head, and is associated with sea, clouds or the heavens. Japanese dragons tend to be much more slender and fly less frequently than the Chinese counterparts. The breath of the Japanese Dragon changes into clouds from which come either rain or fire. It is able to expand or contract its body, and in addition it has the power of transformation and invisibility. This is merely a general description and does not apply to all Japanese dragons, some of which have heads of so extraordinary a kind that they cannot be compared with anything in the animal kingdom.

 According to most sources, the Japanese dragon is closely related to the Chinese counterparts, with the exception that the Japanese dragon has only three claws, while that of the Celestial Kingdom (China) has five.

 Tattoo artists have taken the art of the Japanese dragon to amazing new levels. Whether you want a full back design or a half sleeve design, you will find an incredible gallery of amazing designs to choose from. They can be in color, or black & white. The dragon tattoo may appear with sea wave or clouds or pearls. If the dragon claw holds an enormous magical pearl, which has the power to multiply whatever it touches, the "pearl" symbolized the most precious treasure: Wisdom. Ancient Dragon lore and illustrations have inspired many of us to select a dragon tattoo because that design represents how we feel about ourselves -- strength, wisdom and freedom...

 The popular locations for inking Japanese dragon tattoos.
 Japanese dragon tattoos can wrap around the body and flatter the contours of the body, full body and full back dragon tattoos are quite common, and the most popular location is half sleeve, the body of the dragon wrap around the upper arm and the dragon head extend out the upper front, just above the heart. Because of the long shape of the dragon, it also suited for inking on arms and legs.

 Where to Find Perfect Japanese dragon tattoo designs for Inking?
 After all, getting an awesome Japanese dragon tattoo that perfectly flows with your body is what makes you feel proud. Am I right? There are many good reasons to get an awesome Japanese tattoo and there are many ways to screw it up. The most important thing to find a perfect Japanese tattoo is to take your time browsing through numerous tattoo collections before you settle the one for inking.