Sunday, July 27, 2014

How To Prepare Your Body For A Tattoo

There are a few little things everyone should know before they walk into a tattoo parlor and get inked. First thing is first you need to be 110% sure of the tattoo design you have picked out. Dont rush this decision, you will be living with it for the rest of your life. Absolutely do not walk in and just pick something off the wall you WILL regret it if you do. Another very important decision that needs to be made is which tattoo shop you decided to get inked at. Visit tattoo shops in your area and talk to the artist or just ask people you know who have tats and find out who did theres. Thats how I found my tattoo shop. One of my college friends had several very nice tattoos and I asked where he got them done at and thats how I choose my tattoo artist.

 There are a few little things that you should do before you get inked that will help the healing process and there are a few things that you should stay away from as well. The best thing you can do for your self is start taking Vitamin C and Zinc to help boost your immune system. Also you can make sure the area you want your tat is moisturized and the skin is healthy. Absolutely DO NOT drink any alcohol 72 hours before you are going to get inked. Alcohol thins your blood. So that means when you are getting tattooed you will bleed heavily and this makes the tattoo artists job even more difficult to do clean work. Also if you have a little cold or some sort of virus or are just feeling under the weather DO NOT get a tattoo wait until you have gotten better.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tattoo Parlours

Tattoo parlours, how to tatto & the essential 3 steps to choosing Your Tattoo Parlour...

 Once you have made the decision to get a tattoo youll need to find a qualified tattoo parlour. This is a very important decision, as it can easily make or break your tattoo. Before you decide on a tattoo artist or tattoo parlour, you must first see if they are qualified. There are hundreds of thousands of tattoo parlours out there, some better than others. If you go to a less than perfect tattoo parlour, you could very well end up with an infection that can cause you much aggravation with your new tattoo.

 When you look for the best parlour you should always make sure the parlour is renowned for keeping their equipment clean. Clean equipment and a clean studio is without a doubt the most important consideration when dealing with tattoos. If the artist isnt licensed or not a professional there will be little to no guarantee that the equipment is clean. Health is a big concern with tattoos for most people, and for good reason. If you are looking to get a tattoo you should always make sure that the artists are licensed, the parlour is clean and the equipment is sanitized and cleaned after each and every tattoo.

 Most tattoo parlours are very friendly and open to your ideas as to what tattoos you want. Although the more experienced tattoo artists will offer their opinions, they shouldn't try to push you around too much, after all, its YOUR tattoo! If a tattoo artist thinks there will be a problem with your design or if he thinks he can do anything to improve it, he will more than likely work with you to improve your tattoo to get it just right.

 Before you finally decide on a tattoo parlour to do your tattoo, you should always compare what's available to you in both your local and regional area. The higher quality tattoo parlours such as the famous Miami ink tattoo shop or the London ink tattoo parlour will of course charge higher prices. This is to be expected, as the higher quality studios cost more to pay their artists and keep their parlour nice and clean and keep their name as a premium tattoo parlour. These parlours are among the best in the world, with sparkling floors and a clean interior. The tattoo artists here ensure that their rooms are clean, with most wiping down their equipment and materials every chance they get, not to mention some of the most talented tattoo artists.

 You can find a list of reputable tattoo parlours in your local and regional area at  . lets you search tattoo parlours and find trusted tattoo artists and studios in your local area, youll also find thousands of tattoo designs in over 40 categories where you can bookmark your favourite designs and come back to them anytime. The members area also lets you ask tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts for advice and feedback on tattoo parlours, tattoo designs and how to tatto.

 Here are 3 steps to finding the right tattoo parlour for your next tattoo:

 1: Start doing your research online for tattoo designs and tattoo parlours in your area using something like  Try to do as much research as possible and not rush your decision, remember your tattoo is for life so be sure to pick something that wont haunt you years down the line.

 2: Print your tattoo design out and book an appointment at your chosen tattoo parlour to have a sit down to discuss your tattoo design.

 3: Ask the tattoo parlour how long it will take, how much it will cost and to have your tattoo done and check that the artist is licensed and uses clean equipment for every tattoo.

 And that's it! The tattoo parlour will either book you a session in the next week or do it right there on the spot, it just depends on the size of the tattoo and the tattoo parlours schedule. Try not to worry about the pain too much as it really doesn't hurt as much as people put on...that much.